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First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a look at my site. You will likely notice as you browse through my portfolio that the subject matter tends to be somewhat broad. Compelling images can virtually be found in any given situation. Having the wherewithal to find the idea within the context and extract the image is the ability that I thrive for. Let me explain. I'm not content with concentrating on any one area specifically. Is this to say that I perhaps subscribe to or take on more than I should? Who's to say really? What I aim for....what really drives creating a noteworthy image no matter the subject. The acts of taking a picture or creating an image are two complete and separate tasks entirely. The latter being the one that evokes emotion and creates feeling within the reaction to what's being seen. The level I try to reach, each and every session, is a creative process that involves an image that can relay information in a much more subjective manner. I certainly wouldn't expect the same reaction from one subject to the other. Be it a bride or a baby...a magnificent model or a lush landscape...I want to produce an image that captures a whole range of emotions and evokes a feeling within you personally. I've always told myself, in relation to my work, that WHAT I see is never as important as HOW I see. The content will always be changing as my portfolio and interests both continue to grow, seemingly without hesitation. So, here's to seeing a whole new light.


Once again, Thank You so very much for stopping in. God Bless.